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Ming Fa Teochew Noodles: Award-winning Traditional Bak Chor Mee in Singapore since 1946

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Ming Fa Teochew Noodles: Award-winning Traditional Bak Chor Mee in Singapore since 1946

Nov 30, 2023

Ready to savour the iconic flavours of Singapore? Whether you're a dedicated food enthusiast, a local craving the taste of home, or an adventurous traveller, there's one dish that should be on your must-try list - Bak Chor Mee. And for the best experience, head straight to Ming Fa Fishball Noodles. Join us on a journey to delight in their award-winning Traditional Teochew Bak Chor Mee in the lively food scene of Singapore.

What is Bak Chor Mee?

Bak Chor Mee, also known as minced pork noodles, stands as a classic among Singaporean comfort foods. It's a hearty noodle dish featuring egg noodles topped with flavourful minced pork a mix of delicious ingredients. Picture braised mushrooms, fish cakes, crispy pork bits, and meatballs all coming together. There are two mouthwatering versions to cater preferences - one with dry noodles coated in a special tangy sauce and another with noodles in a light broth.

Origins and Importance of Teochew Bak Chor Mee

This favourite dish has its roots in the Teochew community, known for their love of good food and dedication to fresh, quality ingredients. Teochew immigrants who came to Singapore brought this culinary treasure, making it a part of the country's food culture. Beyond its delicious taste, Teochew Bak Chor Mee has become a symbol of Singapore's food heritage, enjoyed by people from all walks of life.

Key Ingredients of Teochew Bak Chor Mee

The heart-warming magic of Teochew Bak Chor Mee lies in its carefully chosen ingredients, each contributing to a symphony of flavours and textures. Let's take a closer look at what makes this dish truly exceptional:

Minced Pork: 

This is where the rich, savoury goodness begins. It's cooked to perfection, creating tender and flavourful bites that harmonise with the noodles. 

Egg Noodles: 

Smooth and slightly springy egg noodles form the canvas of Teochew Bak Chor Mee. They serve as the perfect foundation, absorbing the intricate flavours of the sauce and toppings.

Fishballs & Fish Cakes: 

In some versions, fishballs and fish cakes offer a delightful mix of textures and flavours, with a subtle, slightly sweet taste perfectly complementing the robust minced pork.

Signature Sauce: 

The secret behind the dish's exquisite taste lies in the sauce. A carefully crafted blend of flavours, it adds depth and richness to every mouthful, elevating the entire experience.

A perfect bowl of Teochew Bak Chor Mee is a delightful medley of flavours and textures. At its core is the tender, flavourful minced pork, expertly seasoned and cooked to perfection. This star ingredient, minced pork, pairs seamlessly with egg noodles, creating a pleasing contrast of soft and chewy textures. The tangy sauce adds just the right zesty touch, enhancing the overall flavour. Alongside, fishballs and fishcakes play a crucial role, contributing their own savoury goodness to make each bite a truly delightful and savoury treat. The fishballs and fishcakes bring an extra dimension to the dish, offering bursts of umami and a unique, enjoyable texture that complements the minced pork and noodles. Together, they form a harmonious symphony of flavours that defines this beloved Teochew classic.

Try the Award-Winning Ming Fa Fishball Noodles

Minced Pork Noodles Singapore

Now, let's talk about the star of the show - Ming Fa Fishball Noodles. Ming Fa has been serving delicious food since 1946, staying true to Teochew traditions. Their signature noodles are made with the freshest ingredients, honouring the Teochew commitment to quality. The standout item? Their bouncy fishballs, made with 100% pure fish meat, with no starch or preservatives added.

And here's the best part - Ming Fa Fishball Noodles are easy to find. With 11 outlets across the island, you can savour the best Teochew Bak Chor Mee without going too far. Check out and join us in celebrating the flavours and traditions that make Singapore's food special.

When you're craving a taste of tradition, quality, and a slice of Singaporean culture, make your way to Ming Fa Fishball Noodles. Your journey into the world of Teochew Bak Chor Mee starts here!