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Coco Island Coconut Water - 1pack (220ml each)

  • $4.70

Each packet of Coco Island Coconut Water contains only 100% raw, fresh, de-husked young Thai Coconut Water, with no preservatives and no added sugar. 


Great for athletes

Being people who lead active lifestyles as well, we look for substitutes of sugary drinks. Drinking coconut water is a great way to replenish our body's electrolytes. Coco Island Cocount Water is not only great tasting, it is 100% unadulterated, with no added sugar or water. 

Beauty Benefits 

Research has shown that drinking coconut water - a glass a day - helps to reinvigorate the skin, leaving it moist and supple. The Estrogen Hormones in the coconuts helps maintain the youthfulness in men and women alike! 

Every pack, a coconut 

Coco Island Coconut Water contains only 100% raw, fresh coconut water, which is pasteurized, and frozen at minus 25 degrees Celsius. When frozen, it can be stored up to 2 years. When refrigerated, it can be stored up to 1 month! 

We do it better 

Our processes and packaging ensures that each pack of Coconut Water tastes as great as the next pack, leaving you wanting more!

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