Free delivery for $100 and above. Standard $10 delivery fee applies for orders below $100. (*Frozen Only, Not applicable for hot food)
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Food Franchise Singapore
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As a franchisee, you will enjoy: 

  1. A Strong and Unique Heritage Brand

    There is no need for you to spend time building a brand from scratch. Customers believe in our brand for years and have our very own pool of loyal customers. This will ensure that your outlet will be recognised immediately. 

  2. Constant Supply of Goods

    We believe in delivering only the freshest of food to customers. Hence, our supplies are delivered daily from our central kitchen to meet the demands of the outlets. This is also to ensure the consistent quality of food in all our outlets. As a franchisee you do not have to worry about processing food as most of the products have already be processed in the central kitchen. 

  3. Training

    An extensive training will be given to all your crew covering on all aspects of operating and managing an outlet. It includes food hygiene and handling, food quality, costing control, scheduling and retention, customer service, marketing and many more. Training will be provided on going basis so as to constantly following the ever changing trend of the market. 

  4. New Dishes

    Our research team in Central kitchen will be coming up with new products to be sold in your outlet. This is so as to stay abreast of the food trends. 

  5. Marketing and Public Relationship

    We will be constantly doing brand awareness through all sort of channels such as Food Trade Shows, Overseas Trade Shows, Charity Event, including website developments, press release, We will be always in touch with you to update you on the latest Promotions.


As one of the heritage brand in Chinese traditional food, we know what it takes to run a successful franchise that offer the best to customer. We seek to grow Ming Fa internationally by offering franchisee opportunity to like-minded entrepreneurs.

FAQ About Our Food Franchise

For local market, Ming Fa is looking for single unit partners. For overseas markets, our preference is to work with one partner for a given territory/country. We are also open to explore joint venture partnership with experience F&B operator to develop the brand together, should there be a strategic values to do so

No as most of our food preparation comes from our central kitchen. However training will be provided for all franchisee before they embark on the journey together with us.

As Ming Fa operates in both stall and shophouse model, our business model is very versatile. A typical set up cost for a stall will range from $20k to $50k, while a typical set up cost for a shop house will range from $100k to $200k

The ROI varies from market to market due to various cost factors and this could be determined once we run through a financial projection exercise. Depending on outlet size also, we have outlets that achieved ROI within 6 months.

You can drop us a enquiry form below and provide us as much details as possible. (Ie the business proposal which should includes the type of franchise model you are looking at, the location, and also more about yourself/your company etc)

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